The Beginning

Animals post-Loki adventure

At some future time: Post Loki Adventure


Justine – hedgehog
1pt claw / bite damage
d3 damage from quills
grapplers take 5 pts damage
burrow 3 sq / round
dark vision

agnar – badger
d3 claw damage
d4 bite damage
immune to poisons
low light vision

anani – squirrel
1 pt claw / bite damage
trained in climbing and additional +5
low light vision
jump 12 squares from tree. 4 sq from ground

everell – otter
1pt claw / bite damage
trained in swimming
hold breath 5 minutes with fort check

gwen – mouse
1 pt bite
trained in stealth
dark vision
attuned scent – trained in track

follow the clues

A wolverine spazz named “fight fight”



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