The Beginning

Mission 3

Team is brought via cow cart to the town of Hilp
approached the Lord of the town, Lord Gundersen

sinkhole appeared outside of town.
farmers terrorized
offered goods and ride back to Arabel for defeating the monster(s)

discover Kobolds
defeat kobolds
discover “garignak” as the Kobolds call him.
A bullette
bullette defeated.

players brought back to Arabel. given treasure and money.
found huge cache of gems.

Mission 2:

unseasonably cold
no sun, last month

that the gods are angry
crops are dying
not enough food to make it through the winter
panic setting in
clerics are working tirelessly to feed the poor
farmers are losing everything

party is approached by 2 brothers. cleric and elementalist.

brothers are looking for cousin.
set out to discover the entrance to the bandit’s hideout.

random encounter – battlebriar

party approaches a dungeon, discover entrance.
engage in fight with a group of bandits
entire party is caught in a sleep spell.

party awakens in jail
minor skirmish – escape. skirmish around the prison, fighting minor bandits.
Justine manages to lock major ogre bad guy in jail cell
discover the cousin has begun working with the bandits
team is captured, stripped of items, brought to area outside city.

Session 1: Bandits

unseasonably cold
grumbling from farmers

Mission 1:

commissioned by the local temple
recover a holy artifact left by the ancients
a possession of a hero from long ago
and return the artifact to the temple in (city)

stolen by bandits two weeks ago
details of bandits found with bard’s contacts
travel through woods to bandit hideout

artifact is a wooden cross and a bottle

bottle opened – trini

Trini goes on her way


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