Tag: red claw


  • Tungor

    tungor is gigantic. Friendly to the players. Barely speaks common. when characters met him, he was carrying a whole moose on his shoulders. Is a hunter in a hunting party with [[:rala | Rala]], [[:morok-1 | Morok]] and [[:reegy | Reegy]].

  • Rala

    Rala a Half-Orc of the Red Claw tribe, and is the leader of the hunting party that consists of her, [[:tungor | Tungor]], [[:morok-1 | Morok]], and [[:reegy | Reegy]]. Rala was given the magical weapon [[Big Sword]] by the players. She is indebted to …

  • Morok

    Morok is a war drummer in the red claw tribe. he is friendly, but barely speaks Common. Hunting Party with [[:tungor | Tungor]], [[:rala | Rala]], and [[:reegy | Reegy]].